Why is my eight year old cat is Running?

My cat has always walked from place to place in my house, until 3 days ago. Now, all she does is dart from place to place. Whether its from the living room to the kitchen or jumping on top of the armoire. Can anyone help answer this?

Asked by Member 1155516 on Feb 16th 2013 Tagged cats, running in Behavior & Training
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Maybe she is just in a playful frisky mood? My cats do this when they are in a playful mood, and it's quite funny. I can tell you that one time when one of my cats was doing this, it turned out she had a bad case of tapeworms. It was so gross, because the tapeworms came out whole, long (sorry-GROSS, I know!) and she was running around like a psychopath, and then we noticed the worms, about 5 different ones around the house on the floor. I'm so sorry, this is a really gross story, but we couldn't figure out why she was zipping around. Apparently they must have been coming out of her and it was freaking her out. We were so freaked out that we put her in the garage until we could scoop her (and one of the disgusting worms) up and immediately take her off to the vet. We had just taken her in, as a stray, so I guess that explains why she had them so bad. Not sure if this is what could be making your cat run, probably not, but I thought I'd share it just in case.

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