Why is my cat meowing a lot all of the sudden?

My 5 year old cat Ashes meows very loudly whenever he comes upstairs lately. We got a new dog about 4 months ago and Ashes doesn't really get along with him so he mostly stays upstairs or in the basement. He didn't start meowing like this until recently though. We're also redoing a room upstairs and I think that is stressing him out. What does anybody else thing? Anyway I can help him?

Asked by Ashes on Aug 3rd 2008 in Noisiness
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I have a cat and a dog if you just got the dog and your not giving your cat enought attension she or he could be meowing because she wants attension when my cat meows it only means one or three things

1.Shes hungry
2.she wants attension
3.Shes playing

When hes or shes meowing each time do something different and she what will help him or she to stop meowing.

hope this helps

Midnight answered on 8/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer