Why is my cat licking his stomach raw?

I'm a 2 year old siamese mix who started to lick my stomach raw. I started in the fall of last year and my parents brought me to the vet and had me on steroids and anitbiotics, etc. Eventually I was put on the elimination diet to see if I was allergic to food. This seemed to work! My stomach cleared up and I was fine for about 6 months. Now I've started it again and nothing has changed - I'm still eating the same food, using the same litter, etc. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to be on steroids forever!

Asked by Yoshi on Jul 14th 2009 Tagged allergies, hotspots in Skin Problems
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I used to lick my tummy fur off when I became stressed because my human was all stressed out. This was when she was going through major stress in several areas.

She took me for a vet trip and the vet gave her some kity tranqulizers to help calm me down. I stopped once we had moved and my human became more settled down.

Human...."Your cat may have a skin allergy or something else which should be checked out by a vet."

Cinnamon and human, Connie

Miskena answered on 7/14/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Blaze (1992-2012)

I do this too. Usually if my skin is dry or I have gotten a sinlge flea. At one time I had no hair from my front legs down my belly and up my tail. Momma found that advantage multi got rid of the flea problem and she uses Jeff Werber pets skin & coat emolient when the hair starts to come back in or I'm scratching too much. It smells nice. She says I cycle....hair itches, I remove it , it starts to grow back, and it tiches, and I remove it......etc. She also has this nasty tasting stuff that numbs my belly hair when she sprays it on. I'm soft, but it tastes really bad so I don't lick it while it's growing back (it's a blue liquid). The jeff werber stuff works well on scabs onmy neck from scratching too...lol

Blaze (1992-2012) answered on 7/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


2cc clavamox 2 times a day for 7 days stopped my cat from licking
his belly and inner legs. He weighs 18 lbs.
This after 4 years of no help from vet. He was treated for an
abcess from a cat fight with clavamox and now fuzz is growing
back on his belly and inner legs. It usually is NOT stress as
so many say. They say that because they don't know. Three
out of 4 of my cats have this. I've taken the poor things in more
times than I can count and the vet never offered an antibiotic.
I told her that 3 out of 4 cats can't have allergies. At first she
said stress but then when 3 of them had it she had to back off
that diagnosis. I found a smart online vet who said this:
Lots of times it is due to problems such as fleas, mange, ringworm
(a fungal infection), allergies, immune mediated disease
and bacterial infections. Some cats lick their abdomen
when they have cystitis or other pain related issues.

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