Why is my 6yr old male cat that is fixed humping me?

I've had my 6 yr old male cat since he was 6 months old and about 2 months ago I adopted a female cat. Recently my male cat has started humping me. He will start by kneading me but then it turns to his tail twitching and then full on humping. My vet said some male cats will do that to their owner so the owner knows that the cat REALLY loves them. How do I get him to stop humping me? It's gross and I really just don't need that. I give equal attention to both cats so it's not like he's being ignored. I miss my sweet, innocent, and hump free cat!

Asked by Mister on Jan 20th 2012 Tagged humping in Other Behavior & Training
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Well, yes, it may be sort of gross to see your cat becoming a wannabe sex machine, but please, give him a break. He's only doing what comes naturally, and not trying to make you feel uncomfortable. This kind of behavior is very common. It sounds as if your cat is reacting to the presence of a new and nubile female. I am assuming that she is spayed. Even so, a male can sense that she is a female, and react by humping her or you. On the other hand, male cats have also been known to hump other males, and my friend's female cat had a monthly assignation with a lump in the carpet. Except in rare cases, this does not seem to be the result of an incomplete desexing operation. It is just instinct. He may stop doing this, or do it less, when he gets used to having a female in the house. I am not sure I agree with the vet--sex and love are not, as far as I have observed, related concepts in a cat's brain. Sex is sex, love is love. Let your boy do as he wishes unless he is hurting you.

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