Why has my cat become so disgustingly dirty?

She was fixed within the last year, she's 4 years old, and since she was fixed she's been gaining weight (while on weight control food with limited portions) and has just become disgusting. She always has poop stuck on her bum, she smells so bad... It's really upsetting. I just had a baby 3 1/2 months ago and I know soon he'll want to play with her, but I don't want him anywhere near her right now! Any suggestions??

Asked by Member 1141712 on Nov 21st 2012 in Grooming
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When kitty is stinky you have to ask why is she not grooming, Cats are meticulous groomers and if they stop looking after thier fur you soon pick it up with your nose, ungroomed fur can become matted, covered in food, greasy smelly and sometimes bits of poop can get stuck in it.Pain and illness are the usual factors to consider when a cat stops grooming.The first thing to do is to get her to the vets!Also you said shes a bit overweight, sometimes cats find it hard to manouver to clean themselves when they have a podgy belly, try to help her out by brushing the areas she cant reach , around the base of the tail and her tummy,also wash areas that are really stinky with a warm wash cloth, this can sometimes stimulate kitty to groom for herself, and brushing is good for bonding too . Hope all is well

Batfink answered on 11/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer