Why does my new cat hate me?

A cat showed up outside my NYC work building on the 4th floor fire escape. Someone let the cat in b/c it was cold outside and when I first met her, she seemed very sweet (let me pet her, purred). We tried to let the cat back out, thinking its owner was nearby and she could find them, but she refused to go out. I took her to the vet that day to get vaccinated so she could come home with me while we looked for her owner. She was immediately a different cat, hissing at me and my 2 other cats. She won't let me pet her without growling, even when it's just us in the room. We're almost a week in and I don't know what to do. No sign of the owner despite my signs and she seems to hate it here. Do I give her to a no-kill shelter or try harder to make it work? Any tips?

Asked by Member 1085303 on Jan 17th 2012 Tagged meancat, cathissing, angrycat, scaredcat in Fostering a Pet
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Natalie the Natcat, Forever

there are so many 'ifs' to this quiestion. Firstly, put up a sign in your building. She may have got out someone's fire escape...sigh. Used to happen in our old building alot. I used to post the signs in the laundry room, and/or right outside the building. I had a neihbors cat who got out hwne silly neihbor didn't screen windows. I eventually wound up keeping the cat.
Post it to the lost section on petfinders. Please post a picture-it will let the owner if they are out there see the cat.
It's early days yet. You don't know what's happened to this kitty. Maybe they are stresed, and nervous from all the new change. My new cats sometimes are nervous with new cats/kittens and may take awhile to get used to the others. This might be the case with this kitty. Give her time-she may not have lived with other cats-I wouldn't try to push too much too fast. Get a feliway diffeuser and lots of valarian root toys...they are soothing.
And be patient....she's got to be nervous!

Natalie the Natcat, Forever answered on 1/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Maybe she attaches you to the shot she got. She's thinking 'I trusted you and you brought me to a mean man with a sharp thing'. Give her a while to calm down, feed her treats often and maybe she'll forgive you.

Zeke answered on 4/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer