why did this tom cat keep me up all night?

Okay, so it's been a while since i've owned a male cat but anyway i found this adorable young intact male cat outside last night and took him in as it was quite cold. he's super friendly and loving and i had to give him a warm place to sleep. i currently have two spayed female cats and i know to keep them separated from the male until i have him checked out and tested when the vet i work at opens on tuesday. He was totally fine and in heaven to be on a warm bed getting pats but as soon as i fell asleep he got up, walked to the door and started yowling like a female in heat. I know he can smell my cats but they're spayed. does he still want to mate with them? does he want to go back outside? is he going through puberty? he's too sweet and cute to be an outdoor cat. Will he stop doing this when he gets neutered? i would estimate that he's about 6 or 7 months old

Asked by Baby on May 27th 2013 Tagged tomcats, males, intact, yowling, howling, mating in Noisiness
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Oops I forgot to post my preview answer LOL.. Anyways, your cat is just bored and knows where all the action is! I expect this behavior will end once he is in with the general population. My cats are most active overnight so it makes sense he is annoyed to be in a small area with no stimulation :-)

Ghost answered on 5/27/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yeah for bringing this boy in and caring for him! He is so happy to have a warm house to cuddle up in, he is just not used to being inside yet. He will likely calm down once he has his snip snip done. It will take him some time to get used to being inside. We took a boy kitty in back in December and kept him in his own room for the first few weeks, and he would howl non stop for 10-20 minutes every time we left him in there at first. Then he was snuggle up and sleep. He was so funny, did not sleep in the bed we left him, but instead under the dresser. It took him a few weeks to get used to going to bed in there at night, which we did keep him in his own room at night, and still do. He now only cries a few minutes before going to sleep. Your little guy will get used to it and he will love you so much for taking him in. And if it doesn't work out with him inside, at least he will be fixed if you have to send him back out. Makre sure they tip his ear just in case he is outside again

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