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Why did my whiskers abruptly change color?

I am five months old, and I have been with my adopted family for four months. Two or three months ago, eight of my whiskers (seven on the left side of my face, one on the right) changed from white to black in color. I have quite the comical appearance these days, as those whiskers are now half-white, half-black. Has anyone else experienced this?

Asked by Jack (Jack-Jack) on Nov 1st 2008 Tagged whiskerschangingcolor in Health & Wellness
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He probably just grew some more and they happen to be black rather than the ones he already had changing color. My torti has some white and some black and my seal point actually has some that appear to be striped white and brown. My vet even laughed at her striped whiskers. I believe that whisker color just goes along with fur color. My multi color girls have multi color whiskers, while my white cat has just white and my black cat has just black. Jack has multi color fur so his whiskers are also multi colored.

Bailey answered on Nov 1st.

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Aww, what a cutie you are! Actually, there have been several discussions on Catster about whisker color, and you'd be surprised at the variations. In my own case, my dear departed black cat Botchan had two white whiskers among the black ones. He also had a tiny triangle of white on his stomach, although he looked like a basic black cat. From the little I know about cat genetics, the white factor is very strong, and will cancel out other colors. However, in your case, some white whiskers turned black. It appears to be more common than you might think for cats to have different colored whiskers. Enjoy them for their uniqueness!

Lola answered on 11/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer