Why did my kitten die?

Sick overnite weak couldn't hold self up shaky refuses to eat really cold barely moving very sleepy 2 wk old mom abandoned bottle fed formula.was running around playing normal nite before.she had mange but otherwise no diarrehea vojimting goopy eyes cough.couldn't afford vet and no one would let me surrender her.she died 24 hrs later.

Asked by Member 1079829 on Dec 26th 2011 Tagged wekness, refusaltoeat, reallycold, shaky, lethargic, verysleepy, fineniteb, diedhrs in Health & Wellness
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So sorry your little kitten didn't make it. Unfortunately, a lot of orphaned or abandoned kittens that young don't. It's a fight for survival for even the healthiest kittens that are caught as soon as their mom stops or can no longer care for them. Typically when a mother cat abandons a kitten it is because they know the kitten is not strong enough to make it under the current conditions and they don't want to prolong suffering, so this kitten may have had problems above and beyond mange, which is bad enough for a newborn. Kittens born in late fall or winter are especially prone to being abandoned because mom feels they can't survive.

You did what you could for the kitten and made her short life a little nicer. In the future if you can save up money and trap and spay the mother cat (there are many low-cost local programs for doing so) you might help prevent the suffering of more kittens in the future, and help her have a nicer life, too.

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