Why did my cat bite me?

During the summer i spend up to 8 months working and living in france, during this time i got to know a very freindly stray cat, he would come round to mine nearly every day, possibly the freindliest cat i had ever met and was so pretty!, although he would do this really strange thing.. he would climb up onto my lap, start padding and then start to suck on my clothing, as if he were a kitten but this was a fully grown cat!, i then started to feed him and he would come round every day and spend almost all his day at mine, even if i wasnt there! he never hissed or bit at anyone and loved his cuddles ..if i were to stop petting him he would nudge me to do it again !... but one day he randomly grabbed a hold of my leg and gave me a little bite, i thought he must have been playing but he had never done that before, then about 3 weeks later he done it again but sunk his teeth in my ankle this time and was a pretty bad wound, since then i have been afraid of him! why did he do this?

Asked by Member 1143261 on Dec 1st 2012 Tagged biteattack in Behavior & Training
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Im not sure why he bit you. Thats so sad after him being so loving. This may sound silly but it could be his emotions getting to him because from what you said about him sucking on your clothing and whatnot he must have been away from his mother at a very early age, and thats not healthy emotionally and physically ......poor kitty :( hope your legs healed ok and that you are alright also, i'm sorry i cant help more good luck

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