Why are my cats so skinny n unactive???

My 12 year old cat (Purdy), who recently isnt active at all n my 14 week old kitten (Scarlet), who is extremly active are underweight. I'v tried feeding them all kinds of diffrent foods hard and soft. Before i got Scarlet i took Purdy to the vets to see whats going on. I thought maybe there was something making her uncomfterbal and causing her to not wanna eat and play. They did blood test and told me she was perfectly healthy, just a lil dehidrated (which they said was normal) and underwieght, iv asked vets, trainers, n friends what i can do, they say kitten food cuz it has more fat in it n to try this brand n that brand at the moment its Wellness but it dosnt seem to be doing anything just like the others. And Scarlet used to have a nice belly on her n iv recently noticed shes gettin just as skinny as purdy. I'v had cats my whole life n never had this problem. Does any1 know what i can feed them to help them gain weight n motivate them to wanna play more??

Asked by Purdy on Aug 9th 2010 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Izadore (Izzie)

I don't think it's a matter of what to feed them. I truly believe you need to take them both to another vet for a second opinion. It's not normal for a kitten to not want to play and be losing weight. If the dehydration was not cared for, then it's probably gotten worse, and that can cause her to be lethargic or "lazy" and just want to lay around. It honestly sounds like they are both sick from something and the only one who can figure what it is is a vet. If Purdy and Scarlet didn't get any better and got worse after you took them to the vet, then if you don't want to go to a different vet, you need to call this one and tell them your kitties are still not doing well. Good luck and let us know what you find out!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 8/10/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer