Why are my cat's claws all splintered?

All of his front claws on both sides are splintered to pieces. He doesn't like me touching his back legs (ever, under any circumstances) so I can't check those claws. I know sometimes that can be a sign that they've been in a car accident... I'm really worried about him and he's 800km away from me for the next week so I can't check on him. Taking him to a vet won't be an option until next week unless I can convince my flatmates that it's serious enough for them to pay the bill and be out of pocket until I get back. Is there any other reason this splintering could happen? He seemed OK otherwise.... a bit withdrawn but he let me check him over and feel for injuries. He was walking OK and eating and stuff.... I'm just really worried there might be an injury I can't see.

Asked by Member 1171605 on May 23rd 2013 Tagged claws, accident in Other Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

He might be low on nutrients- feed a healthy cat food like Natural Choice. Nails break (human, canine or feline) more from unhealthy diets. Yes, it can also be a sign of sickness, but maybe not if he's eating and drinking okay. I would have the roomies get a vitamin paste like Nutri-Cal. If he won't voluntarily eat it, smear a top-thumb human size portion onto his paw; cats don't like the stickiness and will lick it off. Do this every day until your vet appointment. Hopefully all is well, but if not your cat can still benefit from a healthier diet and vitamins. Good luck! ^_^

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