Which breed is for me? I'd like your opinion :) & Persian/Ragdoll

I'm looking for a relatively small cat that will be a good cuddle mate for me. I live with my family but I want a cat that will be solely mine, like my baby if you will! I love fluffy cats and am currently interested in Persian and Ragdoll breeds ( I'm aware ragdolls aren't that small) I have had many cats before, my last cat passed away 5yrs ago and I'm ready for another. Are any of you proud owners of ragdolls or Persians? How big is your ragdoll, is it too big? Could you recommend any other breeds? I'd love your help, cat lovers! Thanks

Asked by Member 1148504 on Jan 6th 2013 Tagged persian, ragdoll, britishshorthair, new, kitten, whichbreed, help, opinion, advice, size, friendly, cuddle in Breeds
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Russian blue females are mostly small and are a one girl cat
My blue Russian whines and whines when I am away for more than two days.they are shorthaired but they have a double coat that makes it fluffy and really soft and they love cuddles
They are very elegant but do have some very cute moments.

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Blossom Brody vas Ratsbane

Just look at my picture and you'll fall in love with my breed - Ragdoll!

If nothing else, my coat is much easier to take care of than a Persian's high-maintenance coat. Trust me - my mom used to be a groomer. My coat won't get matted like the Persian's, and it's still soft and fluffy like a bunny. You'll love me for sure!

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I think it depends on how much time you are willing to spend on grooming. A ragdoll needs a daily brushing and combing. Because of size, you might need a very large litter box. Not too bad. A persian needs a lot more time brushing, frequent bathing, and often eye wiping/special care for tear stains. If the fur gets matted, it takes a lot of work to get the mats out and is extremely frustrating if you have a squirmy kitty.
As for other breeds, I recommend the Japanese bobtail. I too, wanted a ragdoll but they were way out of my price range. I bought a retired show bobtail. He is the MOST affectionate lap and pillow cat I have ever met. He loves being held. And his long hair is so soft.
I think the most important thing is to tell the breeder what kind of temperament you want, and she can find your perfect match.

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