When is it ok to leave kittens alone in the house?

I recently adopted 3 kittens and their mama - the kittens are 5 months old. I had fostered them previously and was keeping them "quarantined" in a kitty-proofed spare bedroom for their safety, but my question is: When is it ok (for their safety and my peace of mind) to let them roam the house unsupervised?

Right now I let them out for a brief period in the mornings before work, then I close them in the bedroom while I'm away, let them out for a few hours while I'm home at night (and play with them and make sure they run and jump and get exercise), and then close them in the bedroom when I sleep.

I feel like it's getting close to time to let them have their run of the whole house, and so I've been testing them by leaving them unattended for up to 30 minutes at a time. My concern, though, is that the rest of my house is not cat-proofed for their safety. At what age or stage will they be ok unsupervised for long periods of time (8 hours of work or sleep)?

Asked by Member 1140346 on Jan 18th 2013 Tagged housebreaking, kittens, unsupervised, safety in Other Behavior & Training
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Whenever I had little baby kittens I always let run around the whole house. I never considered blocking them off. Their mother is capable of general supervision. However, kittens younger than a year might be prone to chewing on things or getting in to very small spaces. Mine liked crawling under the stove and TV center.

As long as you block off areas they could fit in (think about something a mouse could fit in. One of my cats could fit under doors until many months old) and block those areas off if you think they might get stuck. Keep toilet seats down and make sure there are not areas where they could escape.

The main thing with 5 month old kittens is they are teething. So block off any cords and anything you don't want them chewing on. I had one chew through a phone charger once. Providing kitty chew toys might help (P.S. never let them chew on your fingers).

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