When do kittens finish teething?

I adopted two kittens from a shelter estimated to be around 6 months old, and I've noticed that they are very "mouthy" and will try to gently nip or chew on just about everything, especially hands. I also noticed that they have double rows of teeth, so I know they must be teething. Aren't they old enough to be over this stage and when can I look forward to no more "bities"?

Asked by Member 722509 on Sep 6th 2008 Tagged teething, kittens, biting in Behavior & Training
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Around age 6 months is when the canine (fang) teeth are coming in. If there are 2 rows of teeth they may need to be pulled. If the teeth aren't loose then I would consult a vet.
Some of the biting behavior (I attack mom's hand, arms and ankles) could be behavioral and not from the "teething" at all. Try to also work on behavior modification for the inappropriate biting. Here are a couple helpful websites:

Hunter answered on Sep 6th.

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