What treatment works for psychogenic alopecia?

My 2 yr. old male cat has psychogenic feline alopecia and has been treated with prednisone, antibiotics, kitty tranquilizers,a different diet, more toys and nothing is working. Any suggestions of another method of treatment for this condition?

Asked by Member 847164 on Jun 18th 2009 Tagged alopecia in Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

Psychogenic alopecia is treated by decreasing stress in your cat’s life. This includes behavior modification, increasing playtime with your cat, and decreasing his boredom by enriching his environment with stimulating activities. Ignoring his excessive grooming behavior is important, especially if he is seeking attention with this behavior, because giving him attention will inadvertently reward the over-grooming behavior. Sometimes, engaging the cat in other behaviors such as feeding or playtime before he begins another bout of grooming might be helpful. Do not punish his behavior. This might increase his anxiety, and increase the over-grooming.

Your veterinarian might suggest trying protective collars (Elizabethan collars), or bad tasting sprays or gels while trying to break his habit. If the problem is thought to be due to social stressors, it might help to offer him escape routes such as perches, cubbies, and hiding tents so he can escape torment by other cats.

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