What to do with an anti-social cat?

I have a cat Sylvie, which is really anti-social. We got her from a shelter when she was 6 mo old and she was kind of skittish even then. Every time the door bell rings or she hears a new person in the house she hides. She hates my husband for no reason. He has never shown any anger towards her or harmed her in any way. He even goes out of his way to be nice to her by giving her treats etc. Every time she even sees him or hers him she frantically runs away. Sometimes she will let him pet her, but it has to be in a certain portion of the house and even then she may try to take a swat at him. Any time anyone tries to hold her she flips out by clawing you to death, expressed her anal glands, and sometimes even poops or pees on you. She does have a small sweet, loving side. She has decided she likes me best and comes up to me sometimes when I sit on the couch or am at the computer for attention. She also gets along with my other 3 cats fine. My husband has had it with her not being a part of the family. Because of her weird behavior she would not be adoptable so it would be pointless to try. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Asked by Member 1107428 on Apr 24th 2012 in Fears & Phobias
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I try to answer questions like this cause no one else will and these are the questions that need answered the most. Because if you can't get this cat to adapt to your household the adoption will most likely be unsuccessful and the Kitty will be destroyed. First off. This cat is terrified. I cannot imagine how terrified I would have to be before I urinated and defecated my self. The abuse (probably by a male) this cat undoubtedly endured (at the age equivalent to a 5 year old) would permanently damage them. I suggest the following: confine Kitty in a small room you visit often like a bathroom. Supply box placed away from food dish.use hooded box. A cozy blanket or what ever. Come and go quietly but often. Encourage friends to do the same. Treats help much. Gradually increase to normal sounds of coming and going. Say um have someone ring the door bell then go in with a treat. Make sure he hears normal household noises. Knocking Vacuuming. Then go in with affection and treats.

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