What should I feed my 8 week old kitten I rescued?

I am currently feeding Kiki Meow Mix for kittens and little cans of wet food. Is that nutritional for a kitten? She's really skinny so I'm trying to fatten her up. What should I feed her other than Meow Mix and wet food? Thanks!

Asked by Kiki on Jun 16th 2013 Tagged food, skinny, hungry, meowmix, wetfood in Pet Food
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Orion Hemingway

Hi there, I would graduate to Max cat food for kittens by Nutro. It's good for her first year and doesn't have the meat-by-products that the grocery brands do. You can find it at pet specialty stores nationwide. My Pookie started on it and she lived until 17! Max Cat also makes two healthier wet foods, Chicken and Oceanfish and Chicken and Liver. My guys love the adult chicken and liver kind, as my youngest are now age 7!! ^_^ Congrats to Kiki for finding a new home!!

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