What kind of cat is she?

Hello, I am thinking of buying a cat from a lady and she tells me that she is a purebred Ragdoll. This kitty is a female 1 and a half years old. She has medium to long hair with a pluffy blackish/brown tail and has the markings that like a siamese (I think they call these kind of ragdolls -pointed-) The only thing that I am not sure about is that she has golden/brown eyes and from what I have read all pointed ragdolls are supposed to have blue eyes (have seen some None pointed ragdolls with green/brown/golden eyes and these are less commen and hard to find, they are considered non-traditional ragdoll and are one of the first kinds bread but not sure if this cat falls into this catagory). Can anyone tell me if she is still considered a purebred Ragdoll? Is she a purebred pointed ragdoll but a rare kind? or does it sound like she is mixed with something other than ragdoll?
I need the answer ASAP as the lady wants to know if I am going to buy her. Thanks to anyone that can help me

Asked by Member 535413 on Nov 23rd 2007 in Ragdoll
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Miss Kay

The CFA Standard specifically says the cat should have large, vivid blue oval-shaped eyes. So if the cat is purebred, it has a fault and should not be bred herself. If the cat is not purebred and you still want her, offer the breeder less money and have her spayed if she's not already. Tell her you looked up the Standard on the CFA website and saw that the cat should have blue eyes. She'll probably let you have her at a reduced price.

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