What is with the blue eye ?? Why does it cause deafness ??

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Turkish Angoras with blue eyes are prone to deafness. Cats with one blue eye and one amber eye will be deaf on the side of the blue eye. Because of their long coat, Turkish Angoras need frequent brushing to prevent mats and hairballs. Turkish Angoras are active cats that need playmates and attention to stay out of trouble.

Asked by Member 826582 on Apr 15th 2009 in Turkish Angora
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It's not just white Turkish Angoras with blue eyes that are prone to deafness, but white, blue-eyed cats in general. Currently, white Maine Coons are popular in Japan. They can have blue eyes, gold eyes, or be odd-eyed (one of each). Some of the blue-eyes are deaf, some not. Some of the odd-eyes are totally deaf, even on the side with the gold eye. I have a cat show friend with a white, odd-eyed Norwegian Forest Cat that is totally deaf (makes it easy to blow-dry him with a hair-dryer!). Now, as for Turkish Angoras. In the past, any long-haired cat used to be called an Angora or Persian, even if they were just a DLH. Turkish Angoras are an exceptionally rare breed, and many cats that are called TAs in America are not. Check out Wikipedia or the CFA website to learn why TAs are so rare and to see photos of real TAs. They are smallish, slender cats with very erect ears. Their fur is silky, medium in length, and not very prone to matting. They also come in a variety of colors.

Lola answered on Apr 15th.

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Louie (1996-2013)

There is one specific gene that causes some white cats with blue eyes to be deaf. It is more predominant in Turkish Angoras due to breeding, but that doesn't mean every all white kitty will have this gene. But it's only one gene. There are several combinations of genes that will have a white cat to have blue eyes, but doesn't necessarily mean it's deaf. The rate of deafness is about 70-80% in all white, blue eyed cats. And albinism is a totally different story.

If anyone wants the genetic explanation, it has to do with stem cells and an chemical they make that is needed for both pigment and hearing.

Louie (1996-2013) answered on 4/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Minuit AKA Miss Meany

Turkish Angoras are not unigue in deafness concerning their color and blue eyes, this can happen to any white cat. A white Persian, or a white mixed breed cat is just as likely to be born deaf.
This site will explain it much better than I ever could.

Minuit AKA Miss Meany answered on 4/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer