What is the other half of my cat's breed?

My cat is half Manx half something else. She is black and white with green eyes, ears like a Manx, and her nose half pink half black. Her tail is a stub and her fur is short but thick. Whiskers are white. she doesn't enjoy water but she loves looking out windows and playing with random things she finds on the ground. She follows me every where and is semi-vocal. Her paws are white and her paw pads are black and pink. She enjoys being pet and doesn't try to eat my fish, even when she's along with it. Her hind legs are barely longer than her front legs. She runs in sort of a gallop. Her tongue is comppletely pink. She like being rubbed in a certain spot on her chest. And the last thing I can think of that might help is that she's naturally sensitive. Can you help me tell what her other breed half is? (If you know what I mean)

Asked by Member 1077821 on Dec 16th 2011 Tagged manx, crossbreed, breed in Manx
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