What foods can cats have?

What foods can cats have and not have? I'm wanting to make cat treats for someone but would like helpful websites and information on what cats can and can not have.

Any information is appreciated. :)

Asked by Member 930032 on Jul 5th 2012 in Treats
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What a cute idea! Firstly let me start by giving you this link

An excellent guide on common things people would try to feed their cats for treats, like chocolate, which is toxic to cats. Sugar should also be avoided. As much as they love human food, cats should almost never be allowed human food. But it depends on what it is, i give my kittens as a treat, once a month, the breast parts (with no skin or flavouring) of my roast chicken, and they LOVE IT! I mix it in with a small amount of their normal wet food. And i know cats are allergic to milk, but my boy kitten gets a teaspoon of milk in the mornings as a treat, he almost begs for it now, meows like mad, and he has no digestive issues.
Always remember, cats have extremely sensitive digestive systems, and the smallest things we may consider treats can cause digestive issues and even UTI's. So stick to treats made for cats, like those little dried fishies ;)

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Check out this link:

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