What are these bumps/scabs on my cat?

My cat is about 7 years old and we have never had this problem previously. We first noticed that Bagheera had a bump in front of his ear, where the hair is thinner. Sometimes there is a small amount of blood, which we think must be from scratching it. This was about two weeks ago and then we recently found two small scabs, one on the front of his neck and the second somewhere on the side of his neck. There is no reason for him to be under stress, nothing new has been introduced to him, and he is eating the same food which he has had for a long time. Does anybody know what these could be from, and if we can do anything to get rid of them/prevent them?

Asked by Bagheera on Nov 8th 2010 Tagged bump, scabs in Health & Wellness
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Scabs or bumps that are concentrated around the head and neck in most cases from from flea bites. Excellent self groomers, fleas are often not seen on cats, as they groom them out rather efficiently. However, with eggs, larvae and pupa still persisting in the environment, there is often a never ending supply of more born to get on them and bite. In that regard, when I see this in practice, I recommend good flea control with Advantage or Frontline first and foremost, even for indoor cats - indoor cats commonly get flea infestations because people assume that they do not need treatment because they are indoors - but they get them either from the dog, screened in porches, or eggs or larvae on owners's shoes and pant legs. If 3 months of flea prevention for all the cats in the home does not put an end to the bumps, then I would consider skin allergies (a whole other discussion). But 8 out of 10 cases of what you describe will clear with 3 months of good flea prevention.

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