what are symptoms of diabetes in cats

My 6 year old spayed female seems to be drinking more water lately and even though she always had an odd body shape (head always seemed small compared to 'body'), her body area (as in stomach/abdomen) looks very large. She also sleeps by water bowls and lays down as she drinks. Eats well. Hard to monitor her litter box habits....I have 7 cats and 6 litter boxes. Doesn't seem in pain when I feel her tummy area. Any ideas?

Asked by Member 1154194 on Feb 8th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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My cat was doing the same things your cat is doing in regard to the water bowl. I too had six cats. I noticed the litter boxes were having large amounts of urine and had a sweet smell. She had diabetes. Take your pet to the vet. Stop feeding her grains. Feed canned food. Research brands. My cat was diabetic and I should have taken her to the vet sooner.

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My 11 yr old cat starting huge amounts of water, gained weight and his coat got dull. I knew it was either diabetes or kidney disease. Turns out he was diabetic. We had to puthim on a strict diet.of prescription food and insulin 2x a day. He lost 6 lbs, his coat is nice and shiny. After 2 yrs of insulin his diabetes was very controlled and we were able to discontue insulinand keep him on the prescription food. Cats can go from being diabetic to not being diabetic.

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