What are signs that your cat may be diabetic

Ozzy is six. He's neutered and lives in the house. He is very heavy. I wonder what are the chances he could develop diabetes. What are the signs and symptoms? I have no reason to take him to a vet, I am simply curious.

Asked by Member 1053569 on Sep 9th 2011 Tagged diabetes, overweight, medical in Diabetes
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The most common signs of diabetes are excessive water drinking, increase in appetite, loss of weight and an increase in urination. Check the litterbox and see if the amount of urine is a larger amount than usual. This is how I determined my father's cat was diabetic when she started urinating more often and the clump was the size of a brick. If you suspect that your cat has diabetes, please get him to the vet ASAP. The fact that your cat is neutered and lives in the house has nothing to do with whether or not he will become diabetic. The fact that he is overweight is a big factor! Please get him checked. Best of luck.

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