Weak hind legs on young kitten, please help with possible diagnoses.

I found a stray kitten (4-6 weeks old), he is anemic and malnourished, I started him on a dry food, raw liver and fresh/cooked sardines diet. plus he is getting a calcium supplement. About 3 weeks after I found him, his front legs became very stiff, and one week after that his hind legs became weak and now he is dragging them. The vet is useless and keeps saying it is the lack of calcium that is causing all this symptoms, but his belly is huge and he is getting worse everyday. If anyone has experienced this before, please help. The kitten is very young and suffering, I am so worried and trying my best to keep him comfortable.

Asked by Member 800034 on Feb 2nd 2009 Tagged weak, hind, legs, kitten, sick, disease, symptoms, calcium, belly, dragging, walking in Health & Safety
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You need to take this poor little kitten to a veterinary hospital NOW! I have had experience with the disorders you have mentioned. I do feral cat rescues. My first rescue was a 4-month old kitten with similar problems. I nursed her to the best health possible. She would have seizures once a month of unknown origin. Her back legs were weak but she still got around (couldn't jump). The kitten may have worms or is malnourished and this is why the stomach is distended. I wonder if the vet tried any meds on this kitten - de-worming, antibiotics, etc. Best of luck to you and hopefully you can get the little guy healthy! I'm sure you are trying your best.

answered on Feb 3rd.

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My mom had a similar experience. she took in a kitten about 4 weeks old, it looked to be abandoned by the mother. It had extremely week hind legs. Took it to the vet they could find nothing with blood and a scan of her body. We kept her fed and warm. Her legs became increasingly week to where she couldnt stand to pee in her litter box and would cry. We made the decision to put her down, she seemed to be in too much pain. We found out later that two of her litter mates did not survive either. They had congenital problems which is probably what this little girl suffered from. Probably why the mother left this one out in the open. I hope you have a better outcome. I just wanted you to be aware that it might be something you cant stop from hapening. You might try a heating pad on low for your little guy it made our little girl a little more comfortable. Good luck

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Sassy (2001-2012)

I don't know what this could be but if there is a vet in your area that specialises in cats or at least have one cat specialist vet you should try them as you may get better service. Good luck with the kitten and thanks for caring about him even if it doesn't work out at least he was loved.

Sassy (2001-2012) answered on 2/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Oscar J. Cat

The distended belly sounds like worms to me. If the first vet wasn't helpful, get a second opinion. Not all vets are created equal.

Oscar J. Cat answered on 2/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer