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ways to teach a HUMAN (nicely)gentler ways to "persuade" a cat...

Jadyn began as my cat, but sort of adopted my roommate after her cat Churrah died-I have issues with how much attention she gives her (or doesn't) but that I've been able to influence, to both parties' health and benefit. What I can't seem to get through to her on is that you just don't get anywhere yelling and roughly grabbing a cat and tossing them off of a table/counter/cabinet...and you could hurt them besides. There seems to be no risk of emotional damage, this cat merely seems vaguely insulted at most-and yeah, part of the problem is Jadyn is so STUBBORN. I find this amusing, mostly because I realize what I'm seeing as stubborn is actually perseverance and curiosity-she's being a cat-and what my roommate sees as her having 'no shame' is her just having no anxiety associated with her human having these silly fits...which I see as her being a very healthy kitty.
she loves this cat, and i KNOW this. but when she snatches her up, yells at her and then her little paws go thud )-:

Asked by jadyn liana macavity-black on Feb 11th 2011 Tagged trainingahuman, gentlehandling, behaviormodification in Methods of Training
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Frankly, your roommate is abusing your animal. This is extremely unacceptable, not just because she's your cat but because cats in general are pretty delicate and can be emotionally and physically injured. The next time your roommate does this, firmly take the cat away from her and tell her in a gentle but firm voice "I'm not comfortable with you treating my cat like this. It's dangerous for her, so stop." Also, inform her how you would like to respond to the situation (I can't help you there, since I don't know). Good luck to you and Jadyn!

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Teach your roommate the scruff n slide. It's one disciplinary action that's gentler than yelling and throwing. It also works a tad bit better and kitty is less likely to take off after. Then she can cuddle Jaydn once on the floor. Floor times is good times. She cannot yell while in the scruff, it's strictly prohibited. Yelling is counterproductive, pardon the pun.
If she's hyper about kitty on top of counters she has to teach Jadyn that the floor is where the party's really poppin. Tell your roommate that her yelling only makes the countertop more exciting.

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