VerUS cat food?

I have a six month old kitty who is on VĂ©RUS Feline Life Advantage dry cat food, which is what the vet had him on when I got him and she explained to me that it's really good food and I should keep him on it. It's been awhile since I've had kitties, so I'm out of the loop...I used to feed Nurto..but, yeah...that's not gonna happen. I did a little research on VerUS and decided it seemed really good. gives him soft poops.
Should I be worried about and/or change his food?
What do you think is causing this? Grains? It does seem to have a lot of grains...
If I change his food (which I think I want/need to) how should I go about doing this? I'd like to feed him good food, but I also don't feel like buying a new bag of $20 food until he decides he likes it and doesn't mess up his tummy. What brands should I look into?
He does get wet food often, but that doesn't seem to effect him either way.

Asked by Meme on Sep 5th 2012 Tagged food, verus, softpoop, changingfood in Pet Food
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I feed my cats Blue Wilderness, they LOVE it. I buy mostly the duck variety as they all love that, when I think they are getting bored I switch flavors.

I know cats who are feed the "best" foods and are healthy and others that dont do so well on the higher quality foods. My friends cat will only eat Purina One and is healthy and happy and is 15 yrs old. This cat has been on Purina One for its whole life and doesn't have any health issues as of now.

I was thinking about VerUS before I switched to blue wilderness but my friend had a really bad experience a couple years ago where her cat got very ill due to a nutrient deficiency that was caused by the food not having enough of a specific nutrient that cats need. Once she got her cat on a different food he was fine and has been ever since. I think VerUS has changed their cat food formula since then but I dont want to take the chance plus I dont like all the grain that's in it.

You might want to post this in the food forum.

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