Unsure what to do about a stray...

We have a large floor to ceiling window, and 1 indoor hypoallergenic cat. About 2 years ago this small friendly stray started coming around to stare at my cat through the window, and my cat and the stray have become familiar with each other, through the glass window.

About a month ago I noticed the stray was extremely thin and I became concerned, and fed it every day for about a week until it gained some weight back. But ever since that week, the stray has been living at the foot of our window almost 24/7.

The stray has a clipped ear which indicates it's been neutered/spayed. She seems very friendly, rolling around begging for attention and constantly pressing her face against the window screen when I put my hand there.

I'm becoming more concerned about her because I'm not sure where her primary food source is, and it's getting cold here in NYC so I'm worried she'll freeze to death outside my window.

I'm allergic to cats except for my own cat so I can't adopt her. Advice?

Asked by Beck on Jan 1st 2012 Tagged stray, winter, cold in Shelters & Rescue
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The clipped ear may mean he's part of a feral colony being helped by a TNR or rescue group. If he's suddenly become thin in recent months, he may have become displaced from his colony or is no longer being fed for some reason. If you cannot care for this cat, you could contact local no-kill shelters or rescue groups to see if they have a program to accept feral cats.

However, if you have the means to care for this cat while he remains outdoors, you could adopt him as an outdoor cat. If he's already been outdoors for more than two years, it would probably be difficult to make him an indoor cat even if it was an option for you. But you can continue to feed him and make a small shelter for him. An internet search will show multiple options for outdoor cat shelters, some as simple as a rubbermaid bin with some hay for insulation. A guaranteed source of food and shelter would be better than roaming the streets.

He should have a vet exam to make sure his weight loss is not due to illness.

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Your stray sounds lovely! What a pity you can't keep her!

Try contacting a pro-life pet rescue organisation in your area. They will be able to help you out with housing her and possibly giving her a chance to be adopted by a new loving family.

It sounds like you are her primary food source now which means that she was most likely abandoned by her previous owners and in any case if anyone allows their pet to get so thin and is left outdoors in the chilly weather they do not deserve a say in the animal's future (in my opinion anyway).

For the interim perhaps put a cardboard box with some old pillows and a blanket out for her? Just so she has a more compfy and warmer spot to live until you can resolve the situation.

I hope you are able to find her a home!

Runtie answered on 1/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer