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To Leia re youngster with new kitten

First of all, Leia, you are a beautiful kitten! I just wanted to tell you that neither "Guest" who answered nor I were "attacking" the person who wrote about her new cat, her father who doesn't like cats and her 5 year old brother picking up the cat. I have over 4,000 answers to my credit and I don't believe I EVER attacked anyone or I would have been asked to leave. I am also a former animal welfare volunteer. I have learned that when there is someone in a home who doesn't like cats, it's not good for the cat in so many ways. When this is compounded by a young child who may or may not have been taught kindness to animals, this is a double whammy. The poster is obviously a young person. They seem lost as to how to care for a cat and don't seem to have much support at home. There is no guarantee of abuse, but the potential is certainly there. At the least, the cat may become antisocial and spend it's life hiding. It just doesn't sound like much thought went into this adoption. JMO

Asked by Izadore (Izzie) on May 20th 2010 in Cats & Kids
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Ok "attacking" was the wrong word, I was just trying to say that we don't know their exact situation and shouldn't assume on what little info was given. Many people with young children have cats who are just fine, and I would never tell someone not to get a cat because of this.. I agreed with keeping an eye out on the brother, but I also doubted that the dad would be abusive just because he didn't like cats, which she then went on to say she thinks he will like the one she got. This made me believe he's probably like my mom who hated cats, I got one and now she loves it. Anyways, I'm sure your intentions were good (of course) but it just sounded a bit harsh to me what was told to her after she just adopted a cat and was probably just looking for advise on basic care.

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