To Binx, re being a Maine Coon

"Black smoke" refers to the bottom of each hair being white, so that the cat looks black until the fur moves and the white section can be seen. MC fur is "silky but shaggy." Many American cats are Maine Coon mixes. There are basically two kinds of Maine Coons--the indigenous, naturally occuring ones, which look similar to Norwegian Forest Cats, and "manufactured" show cats. The main difference between the two is that the former have rounder ears that are set farther apart, and the latter have ears set around one ear width apart from each other. Lynx tips are common in Maine Coons, but most cats have them, too. Regarding breed standards, a well defined profile, prominent muzzle, triangular face, long torso, thick but not long legs, and furry tail are called for. You have the almond shaped eyes, long torso, and possibly the ear set of a Maine Coon, but your face is too round--it is the typical face of a domestic short hair. Conclusion--you are a regular moggie who may be part MC.

Asked by Lola on Oct 7th 2008 in Maine Coon
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Izadore (Izzie)

Leila, that's fascinating! Izzie wonders why I'm staring at him right now. He's a mix, but from your description, he as about 95% of the attributes of a MC. Wow--you're smart!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 10/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You know, looking at the pictures of Abby versus Maggie and Loki provides a good comparison of DLH mix versus full pedigreed Maine Coon, especially since they have similar coloring so that difference does not get in the way
Many people think of Abby as a Maine Coon cat when they see her, and although she is an incredible cat, she is really a domestic long hair mix. She is a Maine cat since she was born in Maine, but definitely not a full Maine Coon cat
When compared with Maggie and Loki, one can see Abby’s face is much rounder, her body is shorter as well as her legs, and she is not as lean naturally (cobby is a good description of her body) She does have the wonderful fur, and the most beautiful long plush tail of the Maine Coon. He ears are very hairy like Maggie and Loki, but she lacks the big MC lynx tips they display.
Nature versus nurture? Abby acts like Maggie and Loki in respect with what we consider to be Maine Coon Cat personality, but since she was raised with them as her “elder siblings”, I don’t know if her personality is learned behavior (copy cat) or her in born nature. Either way, she is an absolute delight and I would not part with her for anything.
Most important in my mind , is that each cat, regardless of having a long pedigree, or being found hanging on a screen like dear friend Izzie, is loved for his or her own unique nature and looks. As I have said before it is great fun to speculate on what is in the background of mixed breed cats.

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