tips on cat perches?

I was going to make some cat perches because I thought my kitties would injoy them. I already got some brackets to hold them up and I am going to home depot later today to get a board. I was going to make two but my question is how big should I make it and where should it be positioned for maximum use? my dad said that it should be big enough for the food to go up there or they will never use it i think I disagree though. They both seem to like being up high.... anyway I just want tips on were to put it so they will actually use it.


Asked by Socks on Jun 14th 2010 in Books & Entertainment
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I agree that you do not need to feed them there for them to use it. The only purpose for feeding them up high would be if you had a dog and you were trying to keep him out of their food. Some of my cats love to be up high. I find them up on my tall dresser for no apparent reason other than the fact that they can get there and be away from the other cats. Although Allie prefers to be closer to the ground and use less effort to get to her favorite places. Mine also like to lay where they have a good view out the windows. Just make sure it is good and sturdy and doesn't tip, shake or fall down. If they don't feel secure, they won't use it.

Allie answered on 6/14/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Big Head - Angel Dreamboat #42

A perch is a good idea. My guys love the cat seat on the window best and then sitting on the top of a armiore second. Cats are predators. They naturally seek high ground to watch for prey. My guys rotate in being on top and then sneaking down to attack each other. Great fun the charge around and around the sofa and then the chased goes up high.
Stinker says "I would say approx 18 x24 min and sturdy and if it has a bit of rug on it way way better. Make sure you let us see it and come on over to the Man Cat at Work for construction pointers" Purrs

Big Head - Angel Dreamboat #42 answered on 6/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer