Tips for looking after a very young kitten?

I just recently took in a tiny black kitten (I named him Monty), whose mother has died. I think a kitten is supposed to be 9 weeks before you can seperate him from the mum? And he is only four and a half.

I was wondering if not having a parent cat at a really early stage of his life will affect him in anyway? Apart from being very clingy e.g constantly licking me! He seems to be okay, and follows around my older male cat a lot. Im a worrier though, so is there any special tip, or any certain thing I should look out for, where he's so young?

Asked by Member 1145971 on Dec 19th 2012 Tagged young, kitten, orphan, tips in Kittens
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Yes, the kitten can definitely develop behavioral and developmental issues if he's not properly cared for (just out of lack of knowledge). I would take him to a vet or at least talk to a shelter to make sure he's getting the appropriate nutrition and interaction. There's lots of great info online (Google "kitten care", for instance), but it's no substitute for professional advice.

Good luck, and thanks for rescuing! :)

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