Sweet cat turned mean....

Heres the Situation: We got our female cat, Tiggy about 2 years ago. She was the sweetest cat and was very social and was always cuddling with us and we could pick her up and she would purr so much. Then a year ago, we got a male cat, Leo. They ended up becoming best friends. They look like they are just so in love, always licking each other and sleeping and playing together. Since then, she has changed towards us. She still will sleep with us at night, but during the day she is very sketchy, always running from us, growls when we try and pick her up, and just a total snob now. She even bites and scratches. She literally has done a 180. Im assuming she's like this because she is jealous of Leo. He is a wonderful cat and we are very careful to show affection to both equally. I tried giving her calming paste, but its not helping. She runs from us like were going to beat her. Is there any way she can get back to the way she was or is this just the way shes going to

Asked by Member 1114068 on Jun 4th 2012 Tagged changed, mean, biting, scratching, jealous in Behavior & Training
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Since I have been off the farm back when I was 10 years old I have only had indoor only one cat at a time homes. I don't know what to say about this behavior but maybe a feliway collar would help. We don't have them in Sweden but the USA they are 8 to 10 dollars ( last 4 weeks but maybe a month of being really calm so you could hold and pet her might help. You can also buy the feliway spray and maybe spray some on your tshirt etc when you are going to hold her. Have a treat for her just before you pick her up, when holding her and after she is done cuddling. Small pieces of unseasoned cooked chicken works nicely. Give Leo some too of course. Maybe you each could hold one of them at the same time so both get the same attention. I have heard the collars work well and are always on them as the plug in feliway is only in one area. Good Luck it would break my heart to have my sweet girl change like that.

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she is probably in heat. You might want to take her to the vet to get her spayed.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Whenever there is a sudden change in behavior, we always suggest at least a call to the vets. As the other poster said, if your cats are not fixed, do so immediately. Is Leo an aggressive cat? If so, Tiggy may feel she needs to please him to keep herself safe. By "turning on" you, she is showing him that he's #1 in her life, not you. Although they seem to be "in love", it's possible that Leo controls Tiggy and she may be harboring some resentment for his very presence in your home. By acting this way, she's showing her displeasure with you. Continue to show affection equally with possiblly some more cuddle time for Tiggy, but don't force her to be held or restrained. Unless she is out and out attacking you unprovoked, I wouldn't medicate her, just try to use behavioral therapy with her. Praise, kindness, patience and love. She may need to have her confidence restored that you still love and care for her. YOU know you do, but she may need some reassurance.

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