Still fighting 1 year later!

So like a year ago mommy brought home my little sister. I was so overjoyed.. well a little scared but then overjoyed. My big sister HATED IT! Big sis had some kinda mean first owners, but then mom spoiled her. I came along about 3.5 years ago and I loved big sis, she didn't like me at first cuz all the attention I got but then she absolutely loved me. Mommy noticed big sis didn't take to well to new anything so she was a little cautious about a 3rd kitty, but brought in lil sis and big sis was awful to her. Gradually she got better but she is still pretty mean to her! They don't hang out like I do with each of them, they don't groom each other like we do with each other, and lil sis runs past big sis cuz if she doesnt she might get hit! Big sis hisses at her but not me. And I mean its been a year! I just want them to be happy cuz I mean I am. Mommy wants them to be too cuz she cant pet them both at the same time or nuttin! Everything has to be separate for them!

Asked by Auron on Dec 15th 2011 Tagged fighting, female in Aggression
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Time is the only thing that will make this situation better Sammy still hates our cats and she likes to hide downstairs all the time eventually it will get better because my sister is pregnant and will be taking her cats with her when she gets a place of her own one day but just be patient i understand that its hard to when your cats are fighting with each other all the time but it will get better some cats take along time to adjust to others

Sammy answered on 12/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer