Spaying my new female kitty

Hi everyone. I am worried. I just adopted a new female kitty and she will be spayed in the next couple of days. I have been reading posts that have really scared me about this. I had a male cat for 12 years and when he was neuteured it was like nothing was ever done to him at all. He passed away of natural causes a few months ago unfortunately. The spaying seems much more invasive and everyone is talking about pain (which I imagine they do have pain with this). Should I ask for pain medicatons to bring home with her. I am also scared I am going to hurt her accidentally. How soon will she start acting "normally". Some of these posts have really frightened me and I am worried about her already. Maybe I am just getting too anxious too soon?

Asked by Member 979172 on Apr 1st 2010 Tagged spaying in Spaying & Neutering
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Izadore (Izzie)

You are definitely overreacting. I used to do animal rescue work and our organization spayed and/or neutered thousands of cats over the years I was with them. I don't remember a single fatality from the altering of the cats. As long as you are taking her to a reputable vet or clinic, you have little to worry about. When she comes home, she will probably have stitches or surgical glue holding the incision together. Some clinics automatically put an "e-collar" or one of those white plastic collars on their patients to keep them from chewing the stitches. If they don't, you will have to keep an eye on her. The incision will look a little puffy and red. The vet will tell you to check it for drainage or unusual puffiness or redness. Some clinics send pain meds home, some don't. Your kitty may even vomit from the anesthesia. Don't worry unless it's often and excessive. She'll be lethargic and not want to eat. This is normal, also. Don't be afraid to ask the vet questions!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 4/1/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Izzie gives great advice. I've had three cats spayed here in Japan, and none had any problems. No grogginess, no infection, no lethargy. I don't remember what was done to close the surgical incision the first two times, but the third time, the vet used surgical staples--only around three of them. Yes, it is invasive surgery (the ovaries and uterus are removed), but cats seem to get over it more quickly than a human female would from a hysterectomy. The third cat jumped on top of a 6 foot bookshelf the day after surgery (yes, that was potentially dangerous, but she was fine). As for pain pills, my cats have never gotten any when neutered or spayed. If it would make YOU feel calmer to ask for them for Kitty, you should request them from the vet. I agree, there are a lot of scary spay stories on Catster, which I can't quite understand--I've never had any problems whatsoever with my spayed and neutered cats. Try to calm down--Kitty will sense it if you're nervous. Purrs!

Chibi answered on 4/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

♥ Suey ♥

I was terrified before Suey was speyed, so you certainly aren't alone.

As Izzie said, it usually goes off without a hitch. My 50 foster kittens have all come out the other side of the surgery without a problem, and in the 18 months I volunteered at my local shelter they lost one kitten under anaesthetic. The kitten had major heart problems and was a sickly kitten, so it was not down to the procedure.

In the clinic I work in, we recommend a long acting pain killing injection with spey operations. Rather than being because we think they are in a lot of pain, it is because it cuts down on the irritation at the surgical site that can make a kitty chew on their stitches.

Suey was very sleepy and withdrawn for her first night home. The next day, she climbed to the top of the screen door! Cats are very resiliant.

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As a feral cat rescuer (who has had numerous female cats spayed/neutered) and a cat owner myself, I can tell you that it's normal to feel the way you are feeling. Ask your vet if he/she will be giving your kitty any pain meds post-surgery. There is a pain medication injection which lasts up to three (3) days they can give. This is what they give my feral rescues. However, I would highly also recommend that you keep your cat's activity restricted for at least one week. This means no climbing, no going outside, etc. You certainly don't want the stitches to get infected or open up. Certainly have your kitten spayed in any event. It will eliminate reproductive cancers and infections of the uterus, etc. down the road. You will be doing her (and the cat population) a favor! Best of luck to you and your new kitty!!

Member 185886 answered on 4/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


My cats are all female and the oldest is 3 years old so I have had 7 spays in the last 3 years. I was a nervous wreck for all but the last one but that's just a Mom thing. There was no reason to be worried. All of them went FINE! No problems. None of them had pain meds except my youngest Lucy who saw a new vet for her surgery. I gave her the meds because they told me to but honestly, the girls who didn't have them were perfectly ok too. Nobody seemed to bother the stitches. Everybody's bellies healed just fine. Aside from the short hair on her belly, you would not know Lucy just had surgery. It was 3 weeks ago and her fur is already growing back. The only time I ever saw any signs of pain was Bailey 3 years ago and she would just overdo it a bit and realize it hurt so she would settle down for a while. Nothing bad happened. Just follow whatever instructions the vet sends home and it will be just fine!

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Don't hesitate getting pain meds. Spaying is a routine surgery, but it's still invasive and can be traumatic (as always, it depends on the cat). Nadia wasn't eating and was lethargic after her spay. After a day or two trying to get her to eat, I took her in and got her some pain meds and an appetite stimulant and soon she was eating and doing fine. It took her several days (maybe a week) to get back to her playful, active self.
Spaying is done all the time and your kitty will be fine, but may need some pain meds to help her recover.

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