Spaying my baby girl.

I'm just wondering whats it like to have a cat that has just been spayed/got home from the vet, because I'm getting my Gia spayed soon and I wanna know what happens other that she can't have kittens anymore.
Will she become fat or lazy? I've heard people say that after spaying, cats become lazy and fat. I don't want my baby to be fat. Will her behavior change any? I love my baby the way she is and I do not want her to change at all.
She has a brother, and they like to wrestle alot, will he pull out her stitches? Will they fight and then the skin around the stitches will tear?
I'm worried about her getting spayed, I mean I don't want her to go into heat or have kittens, but I really love her and don't want my baby Gia-boo to change at all.
How should I treat her when she gets back from the vet? Will my baby have to stay overnight at the vets office?
Gia and Eleanor

Asked by Gia on Sep 23rd 2010 Tagged spaying in Other Kittens
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Izadore (Izzie)

Concats on doing the right thing and having Gia spayed. You won't regret it. Spaying significantly reduces the chances of "female" cancers. Spaying is a routine surgery, scarier for those of us who adore our kitties than for the kitties themselves. Gia will have an unattractive incision with nasty looking stitches, but she'll have no concerns unless the stitches become inflamed or start oozing, but even that happens in very few cases. You'll be told to keep her quiet for a few days, so that will mean no wrestling with brother. If you see her chewing at her stitches, your vet will put a plastic "E" collar over her head. She will be "out of it" for a day or so from the meds. Brother may hiss at her b/c she will have an odor from the vet but that will pass. She will be calmer and not worried about bolting out the door to mate. Her chances of spraying urine to mark her territory in your house also go down. Do not hesitate to ask your vet for reassurance. That's what they're there for!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 9/24/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

gracie tatanka

ive always had my cats speyed/neutered and never had any problems until gracie unfortunatly she went fairly nuts when she was trying to come around properly from the anasthetic probably because she had such a bad early start i think she felt very vulnerable and paniced she was so bad she managed to break down her crate and literaly levitated up the walls screaming she didnt even recognise me i was absolutely terrified for her and was up with her until 4 in the morning when her eyes finally started to focus on me she then ran at me and latched herself to me couldnt have got her off if i tried.I had taken 3 days off work just to be around to spoil her a bit but it turned out to be a very good thing because she needed constant reasurance i could not leave the room for the first couple of days cos she started crying every time i was out of site however she did calm down and was back to normal.but she did open and remove her own stitches!a year on shes still like a bolt of lightening nofat!

gracie tatanka answered on 9/24/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I also think that you should spay Gia. It slightly reduces the chance for female cat cancers and she probably won't spray urine around the house. Another thing would be that she won't have kittens and she won't be constantly meowing in the middle of the night, either.

Meow! Saffy

Saffy answered on 4/6/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Many people told us that our kitty would be up and running around within two days, so we assumed getting our kitten spayed would not be that big of a deal. However, as another one posted, her ordeal with the anesthetic was something else. She reacted very violently to it and was really out of it. On the way home, we couldn't even touch or comfort her in any way. To carry her or hold her was out of the question. It took at least the entire day for it to finally wear off. When we arrived home, we let her get out of the car herself. When she finally realized she was "home", the change in her temperament was like night and day. She was traumatized as a kitten, having been abandoned by her mother who could no longer care for her. When we found her, she was near death. It may be, when kittens experience such a trauma, that they have a more difficult time with "losing control" due to the anesthesia. An insecure kitty might have a harder time with the ordeal.

Member 1045904 answered on 8/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer



Having Gia spayed is the responsible thing to do. Mom had Calypso spayed at @ 3 months. She is pretty tiny so she only had one stitch & had no problems with the meds. As for getting lazy & fat - no way. At 14 yrs. she still runs, plays and hunts (dust bunnies). She only weighs 6 pounds so no way is she fat. In fact we cheer every time she gains an ounce.
Gia will probably want to be on her own for a day or two. She won't feel much like playing with her brother so you might want to seperate them at least for the first day. No overnight stay is require. Mom took Caly in on her way to work & picked her up on the way home.
As with people, if you find that either of your cats are starting to gain too much weight, the trick is exercise. For indoor cats this just means toys to play with or having them chase the light from a flashlight shone on the floor and moved around, tie a long string with a toy on the end in a doorway, high enough for them to bat at & not get tangled up in

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I was afraid when I had my first kitty Beatrix spayed. When she came home though she was FULL OF IT! She played, climbed, ran, ate just like nothing happened. I however spent a lot of time worrying about these things. I kept an eye on her stitches, looking for redness, swelling or oozing. Thankfully non of that happened.

My second kitty Twitchit was even more of a worry because of the two playing. Twitchit DID have a bit more sleeping time then Beatrix, she didn't seem to want food for the first day or two but would take water. As far as the playing went Beatrix seemed to know something was "wrong" and stayed away from her. As Twitchit got better the two started playing. thought is as long as you watch the stitches and let Gia do what she can as she can all will be well!

My vet keeps female cats overnight. Not sure if all do. Hope all goes well and CONGRATS on making such an important decision about spaying!

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