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So friends of ours won't get there pets spayed or neutered.

Some friends of ours have two cats and they won't get either fixed. Their male cat keeps running away and their female cat keeps having kittens. They don't take care of their cats or kittens. One of the kittens in the second litter got her back smashed in the garage. She was paralized for several months. They got rid of the female cat because they didn't want to get her fixed they also got rid of both litters of kittens. They don't let any of their cats inside because they don't want to have a litter box. Their male cat comes down to our house to eat we worry how many other unspayed cats he's getting pregnant. None of their pets have have ever been to the vet and they seem to go through pets like clothes. Many things have happened to pets in the past they have owned. I would like to bring this up to them but I don't no how to do it without seeming rude and stuck up. Is their any opinions on how I should handle this problem?

Asked by ♥ Gizmo ♥ on Mar 5th 2009 in Animal Welfare
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I agree with Izzie. I live in Japan, not the U.S., and don't know the laws regarding animal welfare in the U.S., but I have gone through the experience of getting a breeding license and know very well where I could turn if there was a case of obvious animal neglect. The other poster's offer to alter the male cat is a very generous one--but the fact is that these people should have their hands slapped and not be allowed any cats at all. These are the people who create the kittens that go to shelters and have a 95% chance of being euthanized. Breeders are criticized to no end. But the average hobby breeder breeds very, very carefully, knows about cat health issues, and is responsible for each life that is created in the cattery--forever. Call the animal control people.

Lola answered on Mar 5th.

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If the male cat comes to your house to eat get him up and have him fixed My friend is going thorgh the same thank a naboor has 3 dogs and don't take care of any of them one was a female and got with a litter pups and went to her house to have them she is keeping mom and all 5 puppys she got the mom fixed last week and will get the puppys fixed when they get 6 mounths old. And dad is next on her list to be fixed.I don't know what you can say she has tryed everythink but it don't change a thank. Sorry I can't help more maybe you can take him to low cost spay and nutter vet if they don't care nothing about him they will never know.

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Izadore (Izzie)

You can report this to your local animal control officer who is part of the police department. Tell him that your neighbor is an irresponsible pet owner, lets their cats roam the neighborhood and you are afraid they will spread any diseases they may have to your cats, not to mention that your neighborhood could become the location for a feral (wild) cat colony which can endanger humans as well. I would not confront your neighbor about this.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 3/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I guess if I was in your situation, I'd capture the cats and have them spayed/nuetered at a low cost clinic, and then release them. Most likely your neighbors just don't want to spend the money. Most states in the US have laws that force owners to have rabies vaccines for their dogs and cats. If they aren't paying the money for spay/neuter, they probably aren't getting the rabies vaccine either... which you could report to your local Animal Control Office.

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