Shedding causing havoc on allergies, what can we do?

My fiance and I have a great cat, just one problem, he sheds and it's wrecking havoc on our allergies. My fiance is allergic, I'm not but my allergies are getting bad. I grew up around cats and never had this problem. We love him and have had him about a month, but the shedding won't seem to stop or lessen. We have taken steps like bathing once a week, brushing as often as possible, and even keeping him off our bed. The food he eats is still the same as when we got him as well. We are not going to give him away, but our allergies are dying. Neither one of us wants to be on medication, but it's really hard on us. Any advice?

Asked by Member 1129867 on Sep 8th 2012 Tagged allergies in Shedding
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You can try taking Sinufix. It is an herbal supplement that can help ward off allergies. I find if I take it at bed time I don't wake up with a congested head and nose. I don't like taking prescription drugs either. I was pleasantly surprised out how effective this was for me! You can buy it at a health food store. Hope this helps. :)

Nika answered on 9/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer