Scabs all over my cat's lower back.

When we first got Bebe, she started getting some scabs on her lower back (Starting at the end of her tail and going up a bit) and we took her to the vet. He said she was having an alergic reaction to fleas/flea dirt and we had to put flea stuff on her. She's half white, and if they were that bad we would be able to see the fleas, right? We haven't seen anything. So it's been quite a few months since that happened, and now she has it again, just a bit worse. She's scratching at it really bad and she's in a lot of pain. We can't afford to take her to the vet right now, and we want to know what the problem is. We still keep flea stuff on her so we don't think it's fleas. Is there anything we can get to put on her? Thank you!

Asked by Bebe on Aug 28th 2010 Tagged lowerbackscabsitchingpainfleas in Health & Wellness
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For cats/dogs that are allergic to fleas they onl;y need a single bite to set off an allergic reaction so you may not even see any fleas. Try using a spray on the carpets bedding to make sure there ar eno fleas hanging out in the house. A good one is DeFlea by Natural Chemistry that you can get at PetSmart/PetCo. I got a flea infestation a few years ago and that stuff was great and cleared the house. I'd put Advantage on all my cats but that didn't kill the ones in the carpet etc and they started biting me! With one spraying of the DeFlea I zapped all the fleas and didn't get another bite.

If that doesn't fix the problem its possible she is allergic to something else which can be tricky to identify without tests or if you can identify something that changed before each outbreak (e.g. using a carpet cleaner or new detergent). Based on where the scabs are I'd bet it was fleas but you can confirm this by trying the DeFlea 1st and see if that helps.

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