Samson and his "cattitude"...

hello kitty friends! It has been a Looong while since we have been in the neighborhood.. Samson (3 years old now! where did that time go?! GASP!) has quite the attitude (beyond the "im a cat. you can touch me when i say. you belong to me" normals!) he has been very fiesty lately with my husband... tonight he hissed (a very rare occurance) and chased him out of the room! Samson has been neutered since he was idk... old enough to get it done! Maybe hes just having a bad day? Anyway... Wondering if this is part of his breed/color.. grey/white tabby? I swear... its like having a harmonal angst ridden teenager around the house!!

Asked by Samson on Oct 25th 2011 Tagged hissing, cattitude, aggression in Aggression
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Any sudden change in behavior for a kitty warrants a trip to the vet. He may be in pain - cat's are very good at hiding pain and it often just looks like they are "having a bad day". Please start with the vet - and keep a note of anything that seems out of the ordinary for Samson so you can give the vet as much information as possible. Good luck.

Phoebe answered on 10/26/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Hunter Devious

It sounds like maybe a control issue maybe over you from your husband.Is there any new reason Samson might fear not getting your attention?Other wise as stated before Samson could be ill and should be checked.Either way he is as cool looking guy .

Hunter Devious answered on 11/6/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer