rude behaved cat?

My cat bella is about 2-4 years old im not so sure but i would cuddle with her, shes purring and after like two minuets she would growl, start biting, scratching and also she would any human food if it is unettended this means EVERYTHING and i mean that even ice cream. she also has fights with my other cat little miss hissy pants and she came with that name. she would hiss, growl i just don't know what to do.

Asked by Member 1106650 on Apr 19th 2012 in Scratching
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Good upbringing becomes the factor of key importance when we talk about the cat getting along with man harmoniously and happily. Unfortunately, a lot of cat owners close their eyes at the necessity of this, naively thinking that after a while all required habits will come by themselves. But this opinion is wrong. As soon as the kitten comes into your house, he is your responsibility. So don't accuse the pet of bad manners if you didn't make any efforts to train him.
First of all, you should memorize: you must not let the kitten do everything he wants.
From the very first days it is necessary to let the kitten understand how far he can go. The kitten must have an idea of all forbidden places in the house (for example, a kitchen table).
Prevent your kitten from getting unwanted habits.

Member 1075647 answered on 4/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Is your cat spayed? Unspayed cats are hormonal and temperamental. If she is spayed, she may be one of those cats who can only tolerate a certain amount of touching/petting, then they get overstimulated and lash out. You need to pay attention to her body language to see how her mood is changing. If she's eating everything in site, she may have parasites or hyperthyroidism (although she's very young for that). As far as the other cat is concerned, you could try reintroducing them as if they were strangers, but they may never be buddies. Get her to the vet for a checkup and check out these sites for behavioral information - ASPCA, HSUS, cat pages at Local shelter may also have behavior information available.

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