Romeo and his runny nose

Hey all it's me again, lovey dovey Romeo. Though at the moment my owner doesn't think it's lovey dovey that i have a stuffy/runny nose. it g ets everywhere when i sneeze. i had a cold way bnack in january and it went away. I was wondering if i could have seasonal allergies, i just hate accidentally sneezing on my owner when i want attention. anything i can do to get rid of it?

Owners note:
sadly we lost young julianne to a terrible liver problem :( she will be missed greatly, but we did get her into the vet to discovery her problem weeks ago. then however she had nothing apparently wrong with her, then 2 weeks ago she started getting skinny. we took her back to the vet and he did the following; tested her for FIP (negative thankfuly), then we did a fecal test. before the results got back on tuesday, that night she passed away, it seems we didnt make it in time to help her and she will be sorely missed.

Asked by Romeo on Apr 23rd 2011 Tagged romeo, runnynose in Allergies
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Izadore (Izzie)

We send our sympathies on your loss of Julianne. How very sad for you! In the case of Romeo, since his sister passed away, we would suggest that you stay in close contact with your vet. It could be "just" allergies or an upper respiratory infection, but since you had a kitten die, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you kept in very close contact with your vet and report to them what's going on with Romeo. It's possible that it's just allergies, but its not a bad idea to stay in contact with the vet to report what's going on with Romeo.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 4/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Linus (Dreamboat #72a)

So sorry for the loss of Julianne! I agree with Izzy. Definitely call your vet with an update and keep in contact with them. Romeo sounds like he may have an upper respiratory infection or feline herpes virus which are common in kittens. He will likely need some follow up vet care. If he does have herpes, the virus never "goes away," it goes through periods of remission and activation (kind of like going through life with occasional colds - and little children get more colds). With full maturity and a better immune system, kittens can handle the virus better. Stress often triggers herpes flair ups. You might also want to ask you vet about Lysine paste which is often helpful against herpes. Call your vet with an update and be sure to post an update how Romeo is doing. Hope he feels better soon!

Linus (Dreamboat #72a) answered on 4/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer