Question about Cat Herpes?

I have been wanting to adopt another cat and was interested in these two brother kittens at a local rescue. Well upon looking at the rescues pictures I noticed the kittens playing with a Herpes (of the eye) positve cat. The rescue states the other cat is taking meds for the herpes but now I am unsure if it is safe or not to adopt the kittens.
What are the chances the kittens have herpes? I have heard that there is no for sure test for feline herpes of the eye, is this true? Any opinions welcomed.

Asked by Jak-ke on Feb 28th 2013 Tagged herpes, kittens, adoption in Choosing the Right Pet
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Angel Buddha

Feline herpes is nearly unavoidable anyway. Over 90% of cats harbor the feline herpes virus. Your current cat most likely already has herpes virus. Approximately 85% of kittens have it. Feline herpes varies in severity, many cases of it are mild.
Links to veterinary articles on feline herpesvirus:

Angel Buddha answered on Mar 1st.

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