putting advantage on kittens

I had taken in a pregnant mother cat 4 weeks ago. At the time I didn't notice but the mother must had had fleas because the babies have them now and they are getting out of control. Can I put Advantage on the mother cat and how old to the kittens have to be to get Advantage?

Asked by Member 725142 on Sep 23rd 2011 Tagged kittens, fleas, advantage in Health & Wellness
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NO, NO, NO!!! You cannot put Advantage flea medication on a nursing mom cat. You definitely can't put Advantage (or any flea meds) on any kitten less than eight (8) weeks old. You need to call your vet for advice. Chances are she will tell you to bathe the Mom in dawn dish liquid. I don't know if you can bathe the kittens yet. Ask the vet for advice. You probably should take the whole crew in and have them all checked out. Please, whatever you do, DON'T PUT FLEA MEDS ON THE CAT OR KITTENS!!!

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