Izadore (Izzie)

PS to Frodo regarding adding a new cat to the family...

In re-reading my answer to you, I realized I'd forgotten to post one important bit of advice. You mentioned that Frodo seems out of sorts since his littermate passed away. You may already be aware of this, but our animals do mourn when someone, including a fellow pet, passes away. Since Frodo's brother passed so recently, he may still be in the mourning process. He may not be ready to accept another cat right now as he doesn't understand what happened to his brother and may still be searching for him. These are all things you need to bring up with the staff at whatever shelter you visit. And, one more thing, if you visit the shelter and the staff isn't particularly friendly or helpful, the animals do not look well cared for and the shelter is not spotless, run, don't walk, out of it. You can also visit www.petfinder.com to search for shelter/rescues kitties up for adoption in your area. Good luck!

Asked by Izadore (Izzie) on Jan 5th 2012 in Choosing the Right Pet
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