Prince is having poo problems & now appetite & weight problems

My cat was constipated so i put him on wet food, worked for 3 months then became constipated again so I took him to the doctor, they put him on metronidazole and after a week he lost appetite, not sure why, took him back to the vet , did a whole bunch of tests , all came back fine, Vet continued to put him a a smaller dosage of metronidazole, He lost a lot of weight, has not gone to the bathroom for 3-4 days, I'm force feeding him now, he is okay with it for now, he is 11 years, he behaves okay. So far he has been keeping the food down and I also feed him water.
Doctor said could be cancer, I decided not to take the test since if he does have it I would not do anything anyway.
Any suggestions .

The vet checked Prince out, each time he was not constipated , his stomach was empty, no mega colon, I forgot to mention that the main problem was Prince started to poo out of his box and had pain when he pooed, the poo was very hard and the Vet said he must be constipated . Now I'm concerne

Asked by Prince on Mar 2nd 2013 Tagged stoppedeatingdrinking in Health & Wellness
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Angel Cali  (2-4-98/10-11-12)

I think if it was me, I'd seek an opinion from a second vet,tell them the cat's SYMPTOMS, what the first vet has already done, results of tests if you know them, & not say what I think is wrong until I see what the second vet says.

Quite often what an owner THINKS is constipation is actually a different problem. Cancer or other tumor or obstruction is definitely a possibility & you should've had testing done so you'd know for sure whether or not he has cancer & if so what kind. Cancer treatment varies widely according to type, size, location & aggression.

Did the vet do barium x-rays of your cat's digestive system?

Did your vet do any tests to check for thyroid problems, kidney problems, liver problems, diabetes etc? Did your vet check your cat for urinary problems?

Make sure you're feeding a high quality cat food. You may want to supplement your cat with a substance called Nutrical, its excellent for helping support cats who aren't eating enough on their own to maintain condition

Angel Cali (2-4-98/10-11-12) answered on 3/6/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer