pregnant rescued cat, can she be spayed?

as I'm posting this question, i cant believe the amount of people with unwanted pregnant cats, it makes me so angry and sad that there are so many cat owners that dont take care of their beautiful felines properly. I'm the mother of two lovely furry daughters, and they've been spayed at the right time. We've just recently moved into a new house and we've been feeding a couple of orphans (female and male) that apparently like to hang around our property since way before we moved. I've noticed that the youngest one is a female approx. 7-8 months old and her tummy is swollen as well as her nipples turned pink. Since these are typical symptoms of pregnancy I've made an appointment with our Vet to analyze the possibility of spaying her. However it worries me that she's already on a well-advanced gestation state and surgery couldn't be done. Or if it's a risky procedure for her and since she is not well attached to us we couldn't take care of her properly afterwards. Advice?

Asked by Gris,Kira&Lucy on Feb 4th 2011 Tagged spaying, pregnancy, risks in Fostering a Pet
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They can typically be spayed pretty far along into the pregnancy, and it is a relatively common thing to spay pregnant stray cats. The offspring will obviously be aborted, and sad as that is, you will be preventing them from a difficult and harsh life.

The surgery will be a bit more complicated than a normal spay and there may be a slight additional charge to account for this from your vet. If you are able to keep her indoors and administer pain medication to her, that would be ideal (though I recognize it is not always possible). Discuss these things with your vet and he/she can help guide you. Discuss pain management with the vet as well - these medications come in pill, liquid, and injectible form.

Dahlia answered on Feb 5th.

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Take the cat to the vet and let the vet determine if she is pregnant. Chances are that she is. If she is too far along, they will not abort the kittens. I once took a feral cat to be spayed (not knowing she was pregnant) and when I returned to pick her up, they told me she was pretty far along. They never called me and just aborted the kittens. I was a little upset to say the least, but then again, they saved me from making the decision. I had to take the cat home and transfer her into a dog crate to recuperate for ten (10) days. She healed well and I put her back outside where she still is with the other feral cats. It's been almost three (3) years and there have been no problems. Let the vet make the determination as to whether or not she is too far along to spay. If she is, you will have to care for her and her kittens and try getting them adopted. Please, however, get this cat spayed as soon as possible according to your vet's instructions. Best of luck.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Just to add to Guest's excellent advice, you may want to contact your local animal control officer (through your police department),animal rescue or shelter and ask for their help. When I volunteered with a rescue organization, we had a saying, "You feed, you breed". While I'm sure you are a wonderful,well-intentioned, caring, if not disgusted by man's inhumanity to animals person, I can guarantee you that soon you will have more than 2 cats on your property. I remember one elderly lady in my area who set out food for one stray kitty and wound up with 19. Our organization joined with an animal control company to remove the feral cats after the neighbors started complaining. You may want to try to trap these two babies, have them altered and return them outside. If you want to continue feeding them, you should also provide shelter from the cold--an insultated box will work. We share your outrage at the number of stray animals in our country. Good luck and God bless you for caring.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I am very upset at vets that abort kittens at a late stage.All though no one likes kittens without homes over populating.My sisters vet aborted her cats kittens and that cat cried for weeks .It was heartbreaking.Last summer I tried to catch a stray beautiful Tabby that had kittens under my neighbors mobile home but the humane society refused to come get them.So the best I could do was feed the mother until she started bringing her kittens around.Then a couple weeks later she was run over in the road.It was heartbreakin because she was not a feral cat.She would sit by the creek with me until she would go back to her kittens.Five days later five of her kittens appeared.Drenched in each others urine and starving we caughtthem all bathed them in luke warm water and kept and fed them for two weeks until we took them to the shelter.Which in three weeks all were adopted .
Let the cat have her kittens.Then have her spayed.
Even animals need to feel they have some control.

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