Mysty (The Princess)

pet insurance ?

Has anybody tried using PetCare pet insurance?
First they messed up Mysty's insurance coverage by telling mommy there was no waiting period. Then they lost paperwork over and over. Mommy called to try and solve these problems, and got nowhere!
Last time she was told to fax in the "missing" paperwork, and after our vet did that, the company called and said they were reviewing our case. Then after waiting and waiting mommy called only to discover that the paperwork is lost again.
The people she talked to today said that it didn't matter that it was lost because they didn't cover Cleo's medicine (which they have before), and that they didn't cover rabies shots-which they did before. (strange how they didn't have paperwork, but they knew what was on the bills). When mommy pointed that out- she got snapped at and told next time read the updated policy because things change. She doesn't know what to do! She pays out good money, and it seems like it has been for nothing!

Asked by Mysty (The Princess) on Mar 16th 2009 Tagged insurance, health, petcare, vet in Pet Insurance
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There is a whole blog about Pet Insurance on this site and I have found it helpful at least as far as understanding that you are not alone. Click on "blog" above and then scroll down and you will see it. If you read back a couple of months, you will see me complaining about my bad experiences with VPI Insurance. With Kira, they kept adding "pre-existing" conditions every time I submitted a claim and tied her serious ear surgery back to an eye infection that she had just prior to the effective date. So $2500 in vet bills later, everything was denied and I cancelled all 5 of my policies with them. I opened a savings account and I am deposting the amount I was paying in premiums to pay for vet care for my zoo.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I agree with Kira. Sometimes health insurance, be it for people or pets, can be like trying to get the knots out of embroidery floss. It's darned near impossible. The people you deal with aren't always helpful OR pleasant because, after all, they're looking out for their company, their jobs and the money they'll get from you which is what it's all about after all. I'm not defending them--far from it. I've gone round and round with insurance people many times. When I took my daughter's cat to the emergency clinic, they had a flyer for ASPCA insurance which I'm sure has nothing to do with the actual ASPCA, but it seemed cheap and covered a lot. But for each procedure they would cover, it upped you to a different level of coverage and pretty soon you were paying $50 a month (at least) per animal. I'm with Kira's mom. Put extra money in a savings account for emergencies--people or pet.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 3/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


you will pay out so much money intres
Let just say your vet bill was $ 465 ok wend you get your bill it will be more than what you charge . EG Money BANK . 25 % A day and if you dont get that pay let say aug 10 and you cant pay it on that you will get hit with a nother 45 % I would Like for you to give me a call please At 503 -206-9706 PLease dont go with care You will be paying good money for nother . OUR bill was 695 I been paying on this bill sent 2007 I told back in Feb our bill was at 865ok I call told them I would pay them $600 and a nother 100 the next just be done with .I talk with someone the man yes we will work with ok . I call in march to make sure that got pay off $100 . I sent that was not good enough for them they wanted me to pay another 400 after I just gave them 600 in feb . I got my it know up to $ 2,487. therd no way I had to get me a lawyer to fight this There not going to get a nother dime out of us please call me

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