Opinion on my cat's breedp

When we found him at the vets office we adopted him. He was ferel but over the years he has calmed down, but still hides. He is 11 yrs old and has looked the same over the years. He is very fluffy with soft fur. He is multi colored with tan, brown, white but no particular pattern. He has very hairy feet with tufts behind his esrs. He is very very large and currently weighs in at 21 pounds. He has no fat and is muscular. Does this sound like a maine coon. My vet seems to think so.

Asked by Member 1155190 on Mar 4th 2013 Tagged mainecoon, bigcats, breed in Maine Coon
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Angel Velcro

It's hard to tell what he is without seeing a photo but from your description, I'm guessing you have a cat who is a brown mackerel or classic tabby with white. Here are some excellent resources you can use to determine your cat's color and pattern and breed resemblance.
This first site is a FANTASTIC site that you can use to figure out your cat's correct coat color(s), pattern(s), and coat type. In VERY EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND PLAIN ENGLISH accompanied by illustrations, it will guide you in CORRECTLY DETERMINING YOUR CAT'S coat COLOR(S),PATTERN(S), & COAT TYPE. In addition to determining your cat's visible coat color(s), pattern(s), and type, you also will find out quite a bit about your cat's coat color, pattern, and type GENETICS.

A blank gene map chart for you to print, copy, or save & use to determine your cat's coat color(s), pattern(s), and type.

FIRST go HERE & either print, copy, or save the BLANK GENE MAP CHART that you use to determine your cat's coat color, pattern & type

AFTER you've printed/copied/saved the BLANK GENE MAP CHART, you're ready to begin analyzing your cat's coat color, pattern, and type.
Analyze your Cat - Starting page for analyzing your cat's coat color(s) and pattern (s)

Follow the links as they are given in the above step-by-step analysis process. For reference, here are the links to the pages used in the above analysis process.

Analyze your cat's PATTERN(S)

Analyze your cat's COLOR(S)

Analyze your cat's Coat TYPE

This is a well done chart and tutorial that illustrates cat coat colors and patterns that you can right click and save as jpg. A printed version of this tutorial chart is also available for purchase from the artist/author.

These pages, done by a TICA judge, show excellent photo examples of cat colors and patterns.

TICA cat coat colors & patterns & their genetics

Another pdf guide that's well done with actual photos of cats to show you examples of the various cat colors & patterns although some words in it are misspelled such as Torbie (misspelled Torby) and Mackerel (misspelled Mackeral).

CFA Hints for determining a cat's color

More Cat Coat Color & Pattern resources

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